Eleni Tsiakiri

Art and creation
in a lifelong journey through myths and spirits!

Eleni is the woman behind the brand0 Eleni Tsiakiri Jewelry which was established in 2013. Eleni Tsiakiri was born in Thessaloniki, where she studied Tourism Administration. She lives and works there.

Her journey into jewels began "by accident " as she says... although nothing in life is an accident. Eleni Tsiakiri has been passionate about fashion since her childhood. It was then that she started designing her own clothes and at the same time expressing her talent in jewellery design. It was just her restless artistic soul that showed her the way. Eleni's jewels are unique and characterised by their original names. She creates jewellery for the woman of today. She likes different styles and she achieves this by combining semi-precious stones with modern and vintage elements. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted with the highest quality of threads.

Greek poet Kavafis once wrote in his poem "Ithaca" that the journey is more important than the destination. That's exactly Eleni's motto for life. Art and creation in a lifelong journey through myths and spirits.